Personal Defense

Personal Defense – Me???

Perhaps one of these describes you:
–  you felt like you were being watched – and perhaps targeted – by someone at the mall
–  you have a former partner that has threatened to do you harm
–  you think a co-worker is stalking you
–  you know someone that was the victim of a violent crime

Or perhaps you sense that violence is increasing in your community

Regardless of the reason, you are interested in providing for your personal safety.

But here is your challenge… you don’t know what to do about it.

If that describes you… then WELCOME… because you are in the right place.

YOU have the ability to remain calm in the face of adversity.

YOU have the ability to implement real steps that are simple and effective.

YOU have the ability to live your life with the most freedom possible.

In other words, YOU have the ability to engage in Personal Defense.  However, you are missing one key component.

What you lack is a guide.  Someone who understands what you are facing.  Someone who can empathize with your challenges.  And someone that can provide objective information and advice, to enable you to not just survive but to thrive.

Sure, a bodyguard would be nice.  But most of us can’t afford one.

And the police are great – and minutes away when seconds count.

The first line of defense, for your personal safety, is…. YOU!  Your safety is your personal responsibility.

This is a new idea for most of us.  Yes, we may have given it a passing thought from time to time.  But we probably never spent enough time to think through the implications of it.  That’s where Reality Check comes in.

Reality Check is created to provide objective information on Personal Defense tools and methods.  Our vision is to be THE source of information, THE place for interaction and dialog, and THE venue for inspiration and motivation as you journey along your Personal Defense path.

It is a journey – there is no magic ‘pill’ or training or information that allows you to just ‘flip the switch’ and become a Personal Defense ninja.  That approach is like a fad diet – you stay on it for a few days, but it doesn’t last and, therefore, doesn’t work.  That’s not good for a diet, but it’s potentially deadly for Personal Defense.

Your Personal Defense journey leads down a path that can extend throughout the rest of your life.  Typically, progress down this path comes in small steps.  You learn something new – small step.  You add a small piece to your lifestyle – small step.  Soon it becomes natural and integrated into your being – small step.  In this way, Personal Defense concepts stay with you for your lifetime.

You may be thinking that this small-step approach means that it will be months or years before there is any improvement in your personal safety.  And we understand that concern.  And completely disagree with it, for at least two reasons.

One reason is that most thugs are, deep down, cowards.  They don’t want a battle so they look for the most vulnerable.  Just a couple of simple things, such as being aware of your surroundings, is sufficient for them to skip you and pick a target that is distracted and unaware.

Another reason is the tools and methods we inform you about are simple and effective.  Many of them take very little time to learn and understand.  For example, consider the concept of awareness.  It is a simple idea to grasp, but there are many ways to implement this concept.  A great thing about awareness is that a very little bit of knowledge and practice results in huge improvements in a very short period of time.

The bottom line – you will see almost immediate results, especially if you are just starting on your Personal Defense journey.

Some will choose to ignore this choice, and to leave their personal safety in the hands of others.  That may work out for them.  Or they may find they are in need of personal defense immediately, while their chosen defenders must overcome significant time and distance hurdles just to arrive on-site.  This usually leads to, well, a sub-optimal outcome.

If you are reading this and choose to leave your well-being in the hands of others, I am deeply saddened by your choice.  But I can’t force you to make a different one.

If you are choosing to take personal responsibility, then I celebrate with you!  That is the most significant step, and I am excited for you whether you acquire your information from Reality Check or from other sources.  You are embarking on a journey that is interesting and challenging and filled with camaraderie and purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

So come join your fellow travelers as we venture down the Personal Defense path.  Some will travel faster than others, and some will progress further down the path.  The speed and distance of your journey are entirely up to you.  Yet we all encourage and inspire each other for making the decision to take personal responsibility for our own safety.

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