Welcome to RealityCheck

There are many possible reasons you have come to our site.  Perhaps…

  • Threats against you – perhaps from a crazy coworker or a former partner
  • Victim of a violent crime – you, a friend, or a family member
  • Increasing violence in society

All these reasons create fear and apprehension, a sense of dread and a loss of hope.  Left unchecked, these could lead to a variety of issues like isolation and paranoia.

But you CAN do something about these.  YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!!!!!

Improving your personal security doesn’t have to be difficult and drawn-out.  It can be EASY, and you can start RIGHT NOW.

It begins with a few very simple and efficient techniques, techniques that are not dependent on a particular defense tool.  Learn about them and start to implement them, and you will immediately have more confidence and peace of mind.

We explain how to get started on the Fundamentals page.  Go there now to start on your Personal Defense journey.

And it is a journey.  Techniques that are quickly understood and implemented are never perfectly mastered.  Your situation may require additional tools and techniques with a steeper learning curve.  Your particular challenge might change over time.

Reality Check was created to be a place for information and encouragement on all things related to Personal Defense.  We provide objective information and insights on Personal Defense techniques and tools – including their strengths and weaknesses.  We help you see ways of combining tools and techniques to develop your own unique Personal Defense system.  And through our forums we provide a place for you to ask questions and to be encouraged.

Taking personal responsibility for your own safety can feel very lonely, especially since so many people ignore their personal safety or assume the police will be there at a moment’s notice and simply take care of it.

No, we aren’t paranoid.  We simply realize that, according to the most recent FBI crime statistics, over 1,165,000 people in America were the target of a violent criminal attack.  We also know that if you are unprepared, you have a much lower chance of surviving it.

We don’t want that to happen.  We are dedicating to reaching as many people as possible with information on techniques and tools to defend themselves from violent criminal attacks – or to entirely avoid them.

Our mission at RealityCheck is to help our constituents in three distinct yet complementary parts:

  • To help develop a sense of peace and calm, even in the midst of chaos.
  • To provide information that is simple to understand and implement, yet effective in the real world.
  • To live their life with the maximum amount of freedom possible.

We summarize these in our tagline:  Calm. Real. Life.

So take a look around, gain knowledge, be encouraged.  Better yet, invite a friend or three to join you on this journey of Personal Defense.

Thanks for stopping by RealityCheck, THE place for information and encouragement on all things related to Personal Defense.